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方謝淑賢談兩幅「童畫」TWO LITTLE PAINTINGS by Amy Phone

第十二屆桃李春風書畫網展」中, 方謝淑賢老師的2位孫子,展示了作品。作為嶺南派名家的追隨者,淑賢老師對小兒學畫似乎有點啓悟,小編請她寫下來。

In the OCAA Outstanding Student Achievement Art Exhibition 2020,  two little paintings were shown. They are done by grandchildren of Amy Phone. As an avid follower of the Lingnan Chinese Painting tradition, we invited Amy to write about children’s art. See below.

方谢淑贤內孫。Clara and Joshua Phone.

我是方谢淑贤,繪中國水墨畫十多年,曾随嶺南派大師趙少昂教授學畫, 後亦師随上海派畫家孟寶清老師,已故孔雀王伍彝生老師,當代著名畫家單柏欽老師及其太太何雪萍老師等學畫。喜歡畫花鳥,也繪山水人物,並無設課授徒,只是閒時弄孫為樂。 

內孫兒方致和 (現年九歲) 及內孫女方嘉煐 (現年七歲) ,自幼喜歡在嫲嫲的畫室玩樂。 

孫兒的 “小兔” , 是他在兩歲七個月大時的作品,眼見嫲嫲正在為畫作題字,致和也要毛筆畫畫,嫲嫲給他毛筆,祇告訴他先蘸淡墨,然後用筆尖蘸濃墨, 之後他就憑記憶畫出抽象小兔, 用墨濃淡適中, 小兔形態活現, 噗為觀止, 嫲嫲對此畫愛不惜手, 今年才決定將此畫送去參加加拿大安省中國美術會2020年的國際兒童繪畫比賽, 幸獲铜獎。 

 至於內孫女方嘉煐 , 自幼喜歡藝術, 嫲嫲提供紙,顏彩及西洋畫筆,任她自由發揮。今年初畫了一張自畫像, 用色鮮明。嫲嫲亦將此畫送去參加2020年的國際兒童繪畫比賽,結果也幸獲铜獎, 實為意外。就此多謝加拿大安省中國美術會會長及工作小組的努力 。 


by Amy Phone 

Amy (Tse) Phone is a Chinese brush artist for over 15 years, painting a variety of subjects. She has learned Chinese paintings from several famous artists, such as the late Professor Chao Shao-An, a famous Lin-Nam artist in Hong Kong; the late Mr. Ng Yee Sang, the “King of Peacock”; Mr. Meng Boa Qin, a Shanghainese artist; and Mr. Shan Bai Qin, a famous contemporary Chinese artist in Toronto and his wife, Ms He Xue Ping. 

Amy has not formally set up a studio to teach paintings. While babysitting her two grandchildren, Amy allows them to play in her art studio. Joshua, currently age 9, did his first Chinese painting when he was 2 years and seven months old. While watching his grandmother, Amy, doing the calligraphy for her painting, Joshua asked to have a brush and just followed his grandmother’s direction to dip in the diluted ink first and then the concentrated ink. He painted a little rabbit from memory. Amy was surprised to see his work and has treasured it very much. With president Wu’s encouragement, Amy entered Joshua’s painting into the Annual International Children Art Contest this year. To our joy, the painting won the bronze price. 

As to Clara, Amy’s 7 year old grand-daughter, she likes arts and crafts. Amy only gives Clara supplies and allows Clara to paint on her own. Her self-portrait was done in January 2020. Amy also entered Clara’s painting into the Annual International 

Children Art Contest this year and it won the bronze price as well. Thanks Ontario Artist Association for organizing this event. 

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