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會員作品網展–黄鉗灼 OCAA Online Art Show/Kim-Cherk Wong



無處可展,唯有上線。安省中國美術會為會員推出「網上畫展」,繼畫家任金昌及許永平之後,畫家黄鉗灼的最新作品也正在線上展出。歡迎大家到該會網頁www.ocaa.info參觀,也可以在 YouTube上欣賞。


Spring is the season of enjoying flowers blooming and painting. However, due to the serious third wave of the pandemic, the government of Ontario has issued a stay-at-home order for another month from April 8, 2021.

In fact, since March of last year, Ontario has been implementing preventive measures, such as stay-at-home orders.

Under the stay-at-home order, it is still possible to enjoy flowers and paint at home, but there is nowhere to show the finished works. All exhibition spaces must be temporarily closed.

There is nowhere to go, only online.

The OCAA launched an “Online Painting Exhibition” for members. Following the painters Ren Jinchang and Xu Yongping, the latest works of painter Kim-Cherk Wong are also on display now. Everyone is welcome to www.ocaa.info.

Kim-Cherk Wong (Niu Ding) is a native of Lingnan, living in Canada more than forty years. Mr. Wong is one of OCAA’s Art Consultants. He likes brush painting, especially orchid paintings. He is skilled at seal craving as well.

會員作品網展–邢雲鶴 OCAA Online Art Show: Yun-Hoo HSING
OCAA Online Art Show-- Xu Yongping 會員作品網上展--許永平

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