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OCAA Online Art Show/Jordan Wu 會員作品網展: 伍川宇




伍川宇 :專業畫家, 專攻肖像。50年中西繪畫經驗。自幼酷愛繪畫寫生,所到之處,名勝古跡和美術展覧,都必須要看,而且心摹手追,每每達到痴迷程度。移民後,再深入研究中國繪畫和世界美術史,力求融東西方繪畫藝術之長,表達自我心跡:歌頌大自然,思考人生。

伍川宇,安省中國美術會永遠會督及永遠榮譽會長,2009-2021 會長。

In June, the city of Toronto was overwhelmed by the strong sunlight. Welcome to this OCAA online art show to keep cool in the summer heat. 

Please click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgxBvd3rBNQ

The painter Mr. Jordan Wu has prepared 50 Chinese and Western paintings and calligraphy works so that everyone can travel through Eastern and Western cultures and feel the beauty of nature. 

Jordan Wu is the president of the Ontario Chinese Artists Association which is an artists’ group with more than 500 registered members. He holds exhibitions every year, is very well-known and is an active artist in the community of Toronto.

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