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OCAA Online Art Show: Kam-To LO 會員作品網展: 「粉墨人間」羅錦濤

In July, Ontario has already experienced the third wave of the epidemic and has entered the restart stage. People become excited and active.  Check this video, painter Kam-To LO shows us his pastel portraits.   Are there any faces you are familiar with? 


Mr. Kam-To LO was born in Guangdong China and raised in Hong Kong. He loves calligraphy and painting from childhood. He worked in civil engineering for 30 years. After retiring, moved to Toronto and draw again.

He is very happy when he creates a satisfactory piece of art.


羅錦濤 生於廣東,長於香港。幼喜書畫。及長,業土木工程,倏忽三十餘載。退休後,移居多倫多,並重拾丹青;偶有所得,欣喜無已

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安省中國美術會會員作品網展: 「粉墨人間」羅錦濤

OCAA Summer Art Classes 暑期學堂 2021
Canada 154 Online Art Show

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