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MAK Ching 麥正近作義賣


有沒有想到買張書畫作品? 書畫可以美化空間、調解讀書及抗疫宅家的苦悶。

加拿大安省中國美術會正在網上舉行會員作品展,其中畫家麥正提供了五十多張近期作品,讓美術會義賣籌募經費。加拿大安省中國美術會有42年歷史,是安省註冊的非牟利組織。以傳承中華文化,推廣中西美術為己任。聯絡: ocaa@ocaa.info

為了更好籌募經費,安省中國美術會於827(星期五)29(星期日),每天下午1時到5時開放,讓公衆欣賞麥正這五十多張義賣作品。同場還有其他名家送出的義賣作品陳列,歡迎參觀。地址: 3838 Midland Ave., Unit 102, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1V  5K5。電話:416-586-9837。電郵: ocaa@ocaa.info 

麥正簡介: 香港著名漫畫家、園藝專家、國畫家。 退休後移居加拿大多倫多。 歷任加拿大安省中國美術會董事。

In August, many businesses have restarted in Ontario. Have you ever thought of buying paintings and calligraphy works?  

They can beautify the spaces, and easy the depression. 

The Ontario Chinese Artists Association/OCAA is holding an online exhibition of members’ works, in which painter MAK Ching provided more than 50 recent works for the association to raise fund.  

OCAA has a 42-year history. It is a non-profit organization registered in Ontario. (Contact: ocaa@ocaa.info) 

MAK Ching is a well-known Hong Kong cartoonist, gardening expert and a Chinese painting artist. After retiring, he lives in Toronto Canada. He is a director of the Ontario Chinese Artists Association.

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OCAA Online Art Show/MAK Ching/ 加拿大/安美/網上展/麥正

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