Asian Heritage Culture Art Show 2024 亞裔傳統文化藝術展

Ontario Chinese Artists Association
3838 Midland Ave., Unit 102, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1V 5K5
416-586-9837 : :

Asian Heritage Month has been celebrated across Canada each year to recognize the contributions that Canadians of Asian heritage have made. From April 27 to May 4 this year, over 30 fine art works will be displayed at Ontario Chinese Artists Association for exhibition. During the opening ceremony from 2:00 to 3:30 pm on April 27, we will prepare different Asian desserts for members and guests, wish everyone to enjoy and support the exhibition. ( Picture below prepared by artist Hera Cheng – Morning glowing for sunrise)

加拿⼤⼀年⼀度的亞裔傳統⽂化⽉即將來臨。為慶祝加拿⼤亞裔在本國的貢獻和豐富了加拿⼤的多元⽂化,安省中國美術會將於2024年4⽉27⽇⾄5⽉4⽇展期內,展出近三⼗幅亞裔多元⽂化美術作品;並於4⽉27⽇當⽇下午⼆時設有開幕儀式。開幕當⽇,本會將準備亞裔傳統精美茶點予以來賓,敬請各界⼈⼠踴躍⽀持!(下圖為張菡青老師 — 朝霞 祝⼭待⽇出)

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