Celebrating Asian Art with Chinese Inkwash Gallery and Kathak Dance Performance 亞洲藝術節 中國水墨畫廊+天竺舞蹈

“Chinese Inkwash Gallery” showcases the artwork of Master Tam Shek-Wing and the staff of Seneca, featuring over 40 pieces of inkwash by Tam and students. This year also marks Tam’s 90th birthday, symbolic of an artistic genre dating back to the time of painter-poet Shi Tao (1642-1707), who coined the concept of “One Stroke” as a state of mind. This connects masters of the past to the present, where the genre continues to thrive. In addition, there will be a kathak performance by Tanveer Alam Dance showcasing an ancient North Indian dance tradition with contemporary interpretations for the present.

Come join us at the opening.

Location: Seneca Polytechnic Newnham Campus, 1750 Finch Ave E, Building K, 2nd Floor Atrium
Opening Ceremony Time: May 8th at 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Exhibit period in Building K2100 A&B: May 8th to May 15th from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm

中國水墨畫廊展出四十多幅由談錫永上師及其弟子,新力加學院教職員創作的精彩作品。 今逢談錫永上師九十華誕,瞻臨其作品可體會十七世紀詩人畫家石濤創的[一畫之法],能以一畫寫出每一刻的感受,汲古涵新,源遠流長。


展覽地址:K座2100 A,B室

Chinese Inkwash Gallery Celebrating Tam's 90th Birthday 〈中國水墨畫廊〉談上師九十壽慶展開幕
Asian Heritage Culture Art Show 2024 亞裔傳統文化藝術展